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16 November
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The Peter/Dankeshane Frustration

Since I have been selling my cd Outside the Box at, I have been frustated by the number of hits I get to my page linked to the reference of Dankeshane (spelled Danke Schoen) in my song Peter. It wasn't even nice! It spoke of a sad time in which I could not express thanks.

I removed it quite a while ago but daily, people who are searching for these lyrics find my page. I know how frustrating it is to reach a dead end. If you had been searching for "frustrating" for instance you might be that by now. But to further integrate the world and soothe some aching hearts, for all you misdirected Danke Schoen enthusiasts if you've made it through this far...

Danke Schoen copyright 1962
Words by Kurt Schwabach and Milt Gabler,
Music by Burt Kaempfert.

Danke Schoen darling Danke Schoen
Thank you for all the joy and pain
Picture shows, second balcony was the place we'd meet,
Second seat, go Dutch treat, you were sweet
Danke Schoen darling Danke Schoen
Save those lies darling don't explain
I recall Central Park in fall, how you tore your dress, what a mess, I confess that's not all
Danke Schoen darling Danke Schoen
Thank you for walks down lover's lane
I can see hearts carved on a tree, letters intertwined
for all time, yours and mine that was fine
Danke Schoen darling Danke Schoen
Thank you for seeing me again
Though we go on our separate ways, still the memory stays for always my heart says
Danke Schoen, Wiedersehn, Danke Schoen

For the rest of you if you were looking for Peter
Here are the lyrics to Peter from Out Side The Box
Abby Lappen copyright 2004

It's late now
I should be sleeping
But instead here I find myself thinking
Wondering if you're alive where you are living?
Something happened
I can't remember but it triggered a thought of that day
in the summer
I was cold
You gave me your shirt
I let the wind blow

I know I said thank you from the top of the hill
Crowning innocence tumbling down just like Jack and Jill
I spoke in a language obscured by a song
I said dankeshane
Do you remember my name?

I remember you
Peter pumpkin pie for you
Peter the piper picks for you
Empty shells of nursery rhymes
Empty phrases keep through time
And I remember taking bus rides home after school
And when JFK was shot and killed
Wheels spinning round and round
Rolling wheels spinning round and round

What do you do now?
What have you become?
I guess boys grow up too though I knew you at ten
Would you know me know?
Are we what we were then?

It's late now
I should be sleeping
But instead here I find my self all alone thinking
Wondering if you're alive where you are living?
Would you know me now are we what we were then?
Anyway I'm singing Dankeshane again
Cause I remember your name
I remember you
I remember you well

If this was not the solution keep looking.

thank you the information. I was looking for the definition of Dankeshane and stumbled on to your site. I read the lyrics to your song and appriciate what you are saying. I will look for you on the Traffic is traffic you necer know what can happen when someone happen in. Thanks agian


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