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16 November
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Review: A Family Affair

16 November
Nancy Johnson

I am remiss. By something like 3 years. Which is when I got Abby Lappen's CD, "A Family Album". I put it down and it got lost amongst the shuffle before I could listen to it. Then it would reappear, only to have one of my boys move it again. Well that's past and I am DELIGHTED to say that 3 years later I FINALLY got to listen to it.

I wish I'd heard it sooner. I LOVE this CD because it's so real. It's also so deceptively simple, that feels like it's taking you back to much simpler times.

The tracks are a combination of well known, beloved children's classics, originals, covers of other artists and a couple of traditional songs where Abby has added parts of her own. They are are also short enough to keep little ones attention!

But the REAL JEWEL of this CD are Abby's GORGEOUS vocals. Her voice is both pure and husky at the same time, her phrasing AMAZING and I could listen to her sing ALL DAY LONG! Wow.

Perfect for lullaby's OR for "Kitchen Dancing" with little ones, I for one would urge you to purchase this CD for EVERYBODY you know who has kids, or who would like to be taken back to simpler times!



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