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16 November
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New Album just released - Double Mentions

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Edge of Time | Buy the CD now from CDBaby

A solo album of original songs with crisp guitar, clear vocals, and lyrics both soulful and poetic. With influences ranging from the sultriest of blues to activist folk, her unique vocals and instrumentation are a must!

A Family Album: Generations of Music and Miracles | Buy the CD now from CDBaby

A charming collection of music for the whole family!

Soul Reasons

2007 Abby Lappen

Soul Reasons | Buy the CD now from CDBaby

"Smart, confident, organic pop" Cincinnati City Beat

Soul Reasons is a collection of thirteen original songs by Abby Lappen and an up-tempo bluegrass arrangement of the traditional tune Wildwood Flower. Recorded in Livingston, NY at Beefield Studios, Rhett Tyler thoughtfully produces each song on the album, with his unique understanding, world-class musicianship, and sensitivity to song writing and knowledge of the music industry. The arrangements include solo, duet, trio and ensemble, while still allowing Abby's vocals, lyrics and guitar to be prominent. Rhett's signature guitar virtuoso colors and shades. He adds texture with lap-steel, twelve string and bass guitar, banjo, drums, mandolin and Dobro. Abby gets to do all the fun stuff: whistle, tap dance and cowbell. Joining them are Otto Gardiner on bass, Jay Gerald on drums and guitar, Dick Kniss on bass, Pete O 'Brien on full traps and percussion, Lenny Post on keyboard, Dan Pagdon on bass and Jonathan Talbott on violin.

"Working along side Rhett Tyler as my producer and engineer since June, '06, the recordings on this album reflect a period of enormous growth and development for me. The arrangements and instrumentation were created through a process of drawing forth my style and technique further than perhaps I thought possible. Conquest, the first song on the album was in fact the first song we recorded in our earliest sessions. It was then that I realized the drive and commitment to extend my vocal range, harmonies and phrasing as well as knowledge of the guitar as my instrument. Rhett's direction actualized through understanding of the songs, gives way to these interpretations for which I am very thankful."


Conquest a WKZE favorite

Soul Reasons

Beef Queen


Outside the Box | Buy the CD now from CDBaby

Joining Abby on this album are Michael Carr, mandolin and lead guitar, Jay Gerald,lead guitar and drums, Jonathan Talbot and Tanya Huang, violin, Carly McKenney, Harmonica and Seth Travins, bass. The cover song is an adaptation of "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds. The changes occur in both the lyrics and style of the recording. Abby does a gospel/blues arrangement played on her bass marimba; also featured in the cover art. "Barnyard Blues" was written after playing all night at a song swap up on the hill at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. There is no greater appreciation of dawn than after a night of music. It gives great perspective on how polar the world really is. Falcon Ridge was also the inspiration for "Mass Infatuation". The song came through the din on the mid-way on a beautiful afternoon. Abby must have played "This Song" 100 times over on September 11th. It gave her some peace. She wrote "Canyons" one year later. They both have a meditative quality for her as she practices. The lyrics "glass parade" refer to the World Trade Towers. Her old friend Doug Brodoff wrote a song for a dance piece she choreographed back in Yellow Springs not too long after the towers were built. He had a line in there "Can't see the sunset from 14th St., but you can see it just fine from the towers. World of trade, it's a glass parade..." The reference is subtle but present.
  • 5 out of 5 stars Abby Lappen's CD - a Tasty Treat!
    Reviewer: A long-time fan
    Outside the Box is a delicious potage of melody, lyrics and instrumentalism, spiced with fresh talent.

  • 5 out of 5 stars Outside the Box is a masterpiece!
    Reviewer: E L D
    Outside the Box showcases songs that are intense, funny, engaging and heart wrenching. These are wonderful expressions of what is best and what is most troubling about the human condition. Abby's songs will make you savor friendship and love, and strive to right the world's wrongs. This is a CD to listen to again and again!

  • 5 out of 5 stars Abby Lappen is WONDERFUL!!!!!
    Reviewer: A Huge Fan From Florida!
    Love the CD! I have heard it from beginning to end and yes, I do have a copy of my own. It is hard to comment on the CD without mentioning the artist, who happens to be extremely talented and brings so much of her own personality and warmth to her music! I could go on, but I must keep it short. Enough said.

  • 5 out of 5 stars Best CD of this type I've heard in a long time
    Reviewer: Marlene Vidibor
    This compilation of original songs by Abby Lappen goes as deep as Dylan and Buffy St.Marie. I think Abby is here to stay on the scene and can't wait for her second recording to come out. I replay this one constantly and never tire of hearing it or watching her in person. She is a real poet.

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