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16 November
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New Album just released - Double Mentions

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WBAI Phil Ochs Broadcast

On December 22nd I ventured down to the city just after the transit strike was announced to be over. The broadcast was Bob Fass' midnight show, live from the 6th St Community Center. It was great to be back in my old neighborhood. I wished I had run into Andrea Selkirk. I played "What's That I Hear?" along with my original "This Side Up". You can hear these in the context of the whole fabulous night on the archives of WBAI. (December 23, Radio Unnameable, Phil Ochs Special, Hour Two) WBAI archives

I've seen you perform several times in MA and NY. I listened to the WBAI broadcast this afternoon. I found you close to the end of the second hour. You sounded terrific! I think yours was by far the best original song performed in the almost two hours to which I listened. The broadcast will be there for another 49 days. Everyone should check it out!



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