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16 November
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Amble Dance Movement Art Center

Director, Abby Lappen

710 Rt 217, Mellenville, NY
From music to theatre to dance...

po box 45
mellenville, ny 12544

710 route 217, mellenville, ny

Abby Lappen is an independent choreographer, performer, and movement specialist, teaching dance and theatre movement for over 25 years. She holds a BA in Dance and Theatre from Antioch College and an MA in Dance and Education from New York University. Her experience includes a wide range of traditional techniques and alternative styles such as those of the founding and contemporary American Modern Dancers, as well as Ballet, Tap, Afro-Haitian, Ballroom, and the Eastern techniques of Martial Arts and Yoga. Her eclectic background and broad range of styles has led her to work with many different populations and levels of students. She has worked in venues both broadly commercial such as large industrial shows for Sun Oil, and Hertz, as well as stylistically pioneering, such as her award winning Window Performances which have been an important part of Winter Walk in Hudson, NY for the past seven years.

Founding the Amble Dance Company in 1985, Ms. Lappen opened the Amble Dance Movement Art Center in 1991, a renovated 1840's New England style church, in Mellenville, NY. The center acts as home to the company and runs as a school and theatre, producing original choreography and theatre by Amble Dance as well as many guest companies. In addition, Ms. Lappen has an active life teaching and performing in many venues outside of Amble Dance. She was on the faculty of Pace University for four years, COARC's Starting Place for three years, Camphill Village in Copake, NY for seven years, and works as a consultant as a movement and music therapist. Ms. Lappen has been produced by The Actors Ensemble, American Dance Guild, Columbia County Council on the Arts, Berkshire Performing Arts, The Hudson Opera House, Kuumba Dance and Drum, Operation Unite, SPECTRA, and Urpflanze Productions. In 1997 her performances of Bar Dances: A Mountainous Medley at the Charleston restaurant in Hudson, NY were awarded by the Columbia County Council on the Arts, and in 1999, she was again recognized for her achievements as an artist and choreographer.

Studio Space

Theatrical Lighting
A twelve channel dimming board is available for rent, along with approximately 20 Fresnels and 6 Liecos
Stage Design
The main hall measures 35'x 65'. The performance space is a black box theater.
The space is available for performance, gatherings and private parties.

Please contact Martin Baumgold if you wish to intern with a small, eclectic, performance space
po box 45, mellenville, ny, 12544 or

abby! long lost suz here, charlie doering is visiting me and we found your site - WOW! your work is amazing. and look amazing too! thank you for amazing us! call/email/, love us ps we sang all the old songs today and my parents happened to be here too and they loved it but we missed your third part harmonys :)


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