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16 November
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Shucking an Oyster

We go out walking, I listen to you talking and I wonder what sun you're under
I try to listen I know you want my kissin' and I wonder what cloud I'm under

If the world is my oyster, I want to crack the shell
If my shell hold's a pearl of wisdom, oh lord start ringing my bell

I try to listen to your sunny disposition and I wonder what spell you're under
I like to wander where storm clouds are out yonder where I listen to the thunder

My shell's not an umbrella nor can I stand the rain
The rain has waterproof fingers, stroking love through the pain

I like to feel the reconciliation rebounding out yonder could we grow fonder?
If we could overcome the total sum, then others too might ponder the world out yonder

If the world were an oyster, like a code I'd crack the shell
If a tree falls in the forest, I'd know if the tree fell

A shucker shucks, a husker husks, at the end of the day
The dusk eats dusk and still I wonder where's the top when you're under?
It's not a kernel or a pearl and it's not stealin' all the thunder coming up from down under

If clams are decidedly happy then oysters are happy as well
If the sum of the whole are the parts but they're broken
Where's the wisdom? Where's my bell?
Where's the wisdom where's my bell? I hear the thunder

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