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16 November
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A Winter Walk in Hudson

As a featured choreographer of Winter Walk since its inception, Abby Lappen has brought a style of movement to windows on Warren St: stillness masking energy. With the festivities fast approaching this ninth year, the creative process is well underway with a talented and diverse group of students and professionals gathering every Saturday at the Opera House to prepare once again to ignite the imagination and wonderment of this joyous evening's strollers.

The element of surprise and delight each time a child looks in to view the simplicity and complexities of humanity, and the reality and imagination of life is Lappen's motivation to engage the performers and audience in a different direction each year. The North Pole is the magnet's south as costumes, colors, people and props all change. Perhaps even a larger variable is the weather. Anything is possible in early December. Elemental extremes, balmy wind, calm, cold snow or rains are all possible. Expectations are endless.

Lappen believes our possibilities are endless too and extended through art for art's sake. This year with the help of organizer Ellen Thurston, onlookers are invited to lift their gaze along with their spirits to the second story windows, where a multitude of tableaus and moving images will be presented. Opposites attract this year as polarities find a moment to balance in synchronicity, whatever weather nature provides. Eye level or distant Abby directs her dancers through qualities of philosophy and humor, dark and light, night and day in a Cole Porter, Fred and Ginger, Mutt and Jeff, black and white kind of way.

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