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16 November
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New Album just released - Double Mentions

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Static Films/ Mark Trekka

To Appear at Amble Underground October 11th.
710 Rt 217
Mellenville, NY
Doors open 7:30
Show Begins at 8

STATIC FILMS was born in 1997 as the musical outlet of MARK TRECKA. It has consistently included collaboration with multi-instrumentalist / arranger Douglas Tesnow, in addition to various other performers, but always the songs of Trecka. The life of Static Films has so far been an exploration of experimental tone assembly, noise-rock, folk, rock-n-roll and poetry. Static Films has walked and stumbled and rolled along these paths for seven plus years, to find itself in a place where it is embraced from all sides by soul and blues, folk and rock, and most notably, an impassioned desire to communicate the sense of the strived-for; to call out across the Great Divide. This is done with a thoughtful, albeit shifting aesthetic and an undeniably commanding presence, which Trecka believes not to be his own, but that of the Spirit
"...draws its inspiration from fractured Americana, creating deeply personal art out of the instruments of our shared national past, the styles of music that have developed in the crannies of our culture..."
- Brett McCallon, SPLENDID, USA (April 2004)

Great Show!


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