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16 November
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Art and About:John Isaacs on

New Album just released - Double Mentions

Kerrville Blog

Spotty Dog Books and Ale

I'll be at the Spotty Dog ( Saturday, August 20th for their Grand Opening celebration with Jay Gerald from 6-8 PM followed by Slink Moss Rockabilly from 8-10 PM (

Earlier in the day Jim Davis on his lovely harp begins at 11 AM and beer tasting starts at 2 PM.

Come to Hudson and check out its great shops, view and history.
You can join the peace vigil from 2-4 for some great conversation
and community brain storming at the 7th St. Park.

Buy a book, pick up some art supplies and get busy!

The peace vigil is held Every Saturday from 2-4
for the past 4 years. An excellent way to meet and speak with the community.


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